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SSO woes

The Scouting Discourse Forums have been updated to allow public categories to be read without logging in. A side effect of this change is after clicking on the Forums link Scoutbook will, in some cases, take the user to a logged out forum. When this happens, you will need to click the Log In button on the Discourse forums to be logged in. You will not be prompted to provide login credentials.

If only that were true…I am now forced to login again. SSO has come to mean “a single set of credentials that you have to type in everywhere and often.”


When I am logged out of the forums, all I need to do is log in to Scoutbook then click the Login button in Discourse. I was not asked for another set of credentials. Are you saying you after logging in to Scoutbook but before the 30 minute timeout expired you had to provide credentials to discourse?

That happened to me the first time yesterday when I had an open expired Scoutbook session. So, I logged out of everything and closed my browser. After that, it worked as expected.

It still works pretty inconsistently for me… If I stay logged into Discourse, everything works OK. If I log out of Discourse, then log out of Scoutbook, then log into Scoutbook, I might or might not have to re-enter my credentials to log into Discourse.

What do you mean inconsistently?

Realized I wasn’t too clear and was re-writing my comment when you posted… :wink: