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How do I add Hornaday Award to Internet Advancement?

Hello Everyone,
A Scout in my troop had earned the Hornaday Award last year but it was not entered into IA by the Advancement Chair. I’d like to add it to his IA advancement record now but don’t see it in the Award drop-down menu. How can it be added?

Bert Velasco
Troop 662 Committee Chair

You can record previous Hornaday Awards via scoutbook (https://scoutbook.scouting.org). Go to the Scout’s Awards page. The Hornaday awards are near the bottom of the page.

Is there a way to update directly into Internet Advancement Scout advancement entries?

Not that I could find. Scoutbook and Internet Advancement share the Scoutbook database so entering it via Scoutbook and marking it leader approved is equivalent.

If I remember correctly, all of the Hornaday awards needed to be approved at the council level or higher (depending on the award).

You should be able to mark it as Completed in Scoutbook, but your local council would need to add it via ScoutNet for it to be marked as Approved.

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