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How do I get a snapshot of my cellphone screen to BSA Help Desk?

BSA Member Care help desk forwarded my technical report to the technical folks but it was returned because they wanted photos of the both the web tool (which has the correct data) and the cell-phone/mobile device app pages (which has the wrong data) instead of a simple description.

Any suggestions for taking and forwarding a screen snapshot on an android based cellphone?

Hi, @Bill_W. On my Pixel, I hold the power key about 2 seconds, and it offers the option of restart, shut down, screenshot or emergency contact info.

ETA: The screenshots are saved in a directory the name of which I can’t immediately recall. I usually have to search for the name when I have to find older screenshots. When the screenshot is taken, it provides a notification icon in the bar at the top that includes the option to share the screenshot. I typically use that to send it to my mail app.

Thanks for the response. I wish the solution was that simple.
On my Samsung Galaxy J7 V (Android v. 9, with Verizon service) the power button hold only gives me:

  • Power Off
  • Restart
  • Emergency Mode

To capture a screenshot, press and hold the Power (located on the right edge) and Home buttons (located at the bottom) at the same time.

Note To view the screenshot you’ve taken, from a Home screen, navigate: Apps Apps icon > Gallery.


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Thanks Jennifer, I am getting old and learning yet another set of instructions.

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