Parent picture does not appear in mobile app

The profile Picture for an adult/parent does not appear in the mobile app. The picture is visible when using the website.

That’s interesting, @LyleWolf. My profile picture appears just fine in the app (Android v1.4.7.493). What version of the app is giving you the trouble?

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Hi Charley,

I am running the same version on latest Android S9+

Any ideas why this is not working for me?


That’s interesting, @LyleWolf. I misunderstood your original question. Neither my photo nor my son’s appears on the entry screen of the app. I always assumed that was by design. Both appear in our respective profiles on the app. I didn’t realize that the photos would appear on the screen shown in your snapshot.

@SUAC, any ideas?

I know there is a recent issue reported that photo add/replace stopped working. And that there is a max 128 X 128 pixel size. Have not heard of the app entry screen issue previously. @DaphneBrizendine I do not currently have a Scout in the system, so do not have access to the app.

Additional Screen shots from main adult profile view and leadership lists



Note: Screen shots edited to remove personally identifiable information
Ed D’Avignon, Scoutbook User Advisory Council

I have the same issue on the iOS app. It shows the Scout’s picture, but does not show the parent picture.

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We just pushed a change to production that fixed several location but looks like we missed the Unit leader and the list of ‘parents’ on the profile. I have opened another ticket for these to be changed. Thanks!