How to list all merit badge counselors in my troop?

I would say at least that there is a conflict between that webpage and the Guide to Advancement. Since it’s a program question, it should probably go up the chain for clarification/correction via your council professionals.

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Guide to Advancement Section says:

Due to concerns about merit badge counselor privacy and since Scouts should receive the names and contact information from the Scoutmaster, unit counselor lists should not be made available to Scouts

Since the GTA is the policy for advancement, I would say, yes, the description for Librarian is wrong.


Interesting that they counterdict one another. We currently are in the same boat as we have encourage parents to become MBC’s so that we may cover the Eagle ones within the unit or at least try too. I thank you for the report builder option as that was extremely easy to do as I had just sent a email out to the parents today inquiring who has done what as far as MBC, and I could of easily just ran this report. With the books converting to ebooks and the librarian not needed to maintain the list. That roles responsibilities somewhat diminish.

Yes. Our librarian also has cookbooks.


@JohnHopkins - one can not dismiss the role of the troop librarian based on the MBC list nor the move to electronic platforms. It is adapt and overcome. The librarian should provide resources to the scouts in whatever media form they may be. A case in point is if the unit has e-data for say those cooking recipes… then they would provide that resource or access. Semper Gumby

I am new at this, but my understanding is that Scouts are supposed to go to the Advancement person for help finding a MBC.

I don’t know what the reasoning is here, other than Scouts want the troop adults in the loop for merit badge work. Kind of like you have to go to the Scoutmaster to get a blue card.

Part of this I think is to act as an artificial throttle. Our SM told me some parents would print out a reef of blue cards for their kid and the kid would be overwhelmed.

We’re wandering into policy territory here, but I strongly recommend reading the section on merit badges in the Guide to Advancement. It lays out some (but perhaps not all) of the reasons why BSA wants scouts to go to the SM or their designee to get the blue card and get the contact information for the counselor. Honestly, I think we would all be well served as scouters by reading the Guide to Advancement all the way through (or at least the parts that are applicable to the program levels at which we serve).

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@StevenSheldon - the scout is supposed to go to the unit leader on merit badges not the advancement chair. As has been noted i suggest that you read the guide to advancement

The scout goes to the unit leaders designee - this is too much policy and is being closed