How to list all merit badge counselors in my troop?

How can I list all merit badge counselors from my troop?


You can use Roster Builder (different from Report Builder).

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How do I access the Roster Builder?


Evidently, you are supposed to go to your Troop Roster, then choose Print Roster. But this option is not available to me. Do you have to be an admin?

@StevenSheldon go to reports - BUT you have to be connected to users which it appears you are not

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OK, the help file says you are supposed to go to Troop Roster, then choose Print Roster.

You are saying “Reports”. I don’t see a Reports menu option. What is it under?

How do I connect to users? Which users do I need to connect to?

@StevenSheldon you do not connect to users - the unit admins connect you if they want to is the easy answer

There are three different ways to access it, but none of them will produce a full list like you want if you don’t have the proper permissions.

3 paths:

  1. My dashboard > reports > roster builder manager
  2. Troop page > troop reports > roster builder
  3. Troop roster page > print roster

OK, so it sounds like a permission problem.

I’m trying to find out who our unit admin is.

Once I know that, what kind of permission do I ask for?


OK, I have found My dashboard > reports > roster builder manager

going to try it out.

OK, I’m close. I can generate a report. However, it is including All Adults in the list, not just Merit Badge Counselors.

How can I get a list of just Merit Badge Counselors?

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The first two above work for me. The third option I do not see.

Another question:

I have troop merit badge counselors that show up in the list using the Merit Badge Counselors search engine under our troop.

But they do not show up in the report generator above as an Adult Leader.

Is it possible to be a Merit Badge Counselor and not an Adult Leader?

If so, the report generator is going to only give me merit badge counselors that are also adult leaders. I need all of them.

I suspect that’s only available to troop admins.

I don’t think there’s a way to remove non MBCs in the tool, but you could filter in Excel.

Look at the troop roster page. Any adult leaders that are troop admins will say so under their names. Usually the Key 3 are admins by default.

MBC is a district or council position and it is possible to be one without a registered unit positions.

Are those who are “missing” parents of scouts. There is an options in roster builder to show parents too, but you may need to be a troop admin to see parent info.

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I have checked the box to show parents, but it is not showing them. Must be a permissions issue.

Thanks - we have 6. I will contact them.

I just let my Son do this whatever way he wants since he is the librarian, and that technically falls in that leadership role to accomplish.

It is not any Scout’s responsibility to handle any MBC list. Per the Guide to Advancement, lists are NOT to be provided to Scouts. The Scout is supposed to meet with the Scoutmaster to get the name and contact information for one or more MBCs.


So this is wrong?