List of Merit Badges with Merit Badge Counselors for a Troop?

I am the Merit Badge Counselor Coordinator for our Troop. I like to periodically get a list or report that lists all of the Merit Badges and shows for each one who is a registered MBC in our Troop. This helps me to identify the Merit Badges where we have no or little coverage and then try to recruit people to be MBCs for those Merit Badges.
I haven’t been able to figure out how to do this with Scoutbook. Can somebody help me to do this?

Roster Builder > All Leaders > MBC Options - Show Merit Badges

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The cleanest way I can think of is to search the name for every individual adult associated with the unit. ETA: I had forgotten about the report option that @DonovanMcNeil pointed out. That’s a much better approach. :^)

We have a MBC coordinator in our unit (me at the moment). We solicit MBCs to apply to the council who have MB-related skills when we see them on the Family Talent Survey forms. We also ask that all adults who do apply to become a MBC give us a list of the badges for which they applied and for which they are ultimately approved. Then, we maintain a Google sheets list of badges and counselors within the troop, their YPT expiration dates, and we periodically (quarterly +/-) check it against the list in Scoutbook to make sure the counselor hasn’t fallen off for some reason.

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