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How to Open a MB for multiple scouts at once

I am starting a MB for a class being taught today by a MBC within out Troop. I am the IA Chair and this is how we handle it; I start them, assign them to the counselor, and the SM goes in and Opens them officially later today or tomorrow (with today’s date). Is there a way to start a MB for 9 scouts without starting them individually, as I do now? I can use Quick Entry only if I’m marking a requirement complete, which I’m not as I’m not the MBC and the class has not yet started.

If you use the Feature Assistant Extension in Scoutbook, there is a way to start a merit badge in Scoutbook for multiple Scouts.

In Scoutbook:

  1. Go to your main troop page
  2. Click on Quick Entry
  3. Start Merit Badges
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I’ve tried this multiple times. I choose Quick Entry and Start Merit Badges isn’t an Option, Enter Merit Badges is but I have to pick a Date Completed (and there’s no way to pick a MBC).



Have you loaded the Scoutbook Feature Assistant Extension for Chrome and Firefox? It’s options are not appearing in your quick entry list.

If the Feature Assistant extension is loaded, you should see a menu that looks more like this:

Thank you. When I switched laptops quite some time ago I guess I forgot to reload the Feature Extensions and somehow didn’t miss what was on my other laptop. I KNEW there had to be a way! Again, you guys are always so helpful. And fast! :slight_smile:

Oh yeah, there’s some serious features I’d been wishing for on here. Can’t believe I wasn’t paying attention enough to notice some of these were missing (which I feel like some of them might be newer-ish features).

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