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Allow multiple scouts/merit badges to be entered at once

Situation: I have 10 scouts all taking the same merit badge. I need to enter into scoutbook that it is approved for them to start a MB and print a MB for them.
Current Situation: You are only able to do this one scout at a time. While I’m happy that I have a small troop. It is still very time consuming when preparing for camp when they will all be taking 4 MB courses.
Solution: Add a page similar to the completed MB page. Give us the ability to select MB, counselor and approval, and the ability to select which scouts. Then instead of 40 times going through the same process, I would only need to complete it once. Therefore less time and less chance of creating any errors.

There’s currently a method for doing this using the Feature Assistant Extension, I believe:

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Yes, the Feature Assistant Extension has a Start Merit Badges option as part of the Quick Entry menu.

Quick Entry [from troop or patrol pages] -> Start Merit Badges

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