How to report an error in an online training? or a broken quiz?

The quiz in Aims and Methods (BSA Learn Center ) will only fail you. Many attempts to pass the quiz using a range of answers from clearly correct to blatantly wrong, all yield a fail - the quiz thinks an incorrect answer is selected even when it is not.

*1) PC
*2) windows 10
*3) Edge
4) Browser cache has been cleared or you are using a private browsing mode (aka Incognito Window in Chrome)
*5)14037699 Chief Seattle
Thank you!)

no the prompt about religion is the clear - it is just a bad question that confuse most - that they should have changed years ago

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At the moment, it does not matter how one answers the question, the quiz makes it incorrect. I am not asking about the content, the content is not difficult.
I am asking how to report a broken quiz. The training page does not have a “help” or “contact” option. the suggestion that my local counsel can help is not helpful.

There is no volunteer-facing technical support, beyond what’s available in these forums. The only other route to technical support is via the council professional staff, who do have the ability to file a support ticket with national.

However, as @DonovanMcNeil noted, this has been raised before, and unless something has changed, this sounds exactly like the prior “errors” that have been reported. It’s a poorly phrased question, with what is, in my opinion, a poorly phrased error message Nevertheless, it’s not viewed as an issue by BSA, based on the prior responses that have come back via the forums, such as here: Unable to take online trainings - #16 by CharleyHamilton.

@TyraSorensen - and having taken many exams both in person and on-line it does not surprise me to have this one have its own shelf life. I had professors in college that loved to set these into exams. A passing score or the ability to see through the rouse is key.

You must select multiple answers to this question. The text after answering the question incorrectly tells you how to answer the question in order to get passed it.

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Yes, I know that, and I tried taking the test 8 times answering differently to try and trouble shoot it.
The “Incorrect” message is always the same, and always results in a Fail.

It isn’t that this training module is that important for my position or morale, but it did prompt me to try and help BSA do better and to fix errors.
If these modules and quizzes are part of the record for Path to Excellence, then people striving to get trained and getting the boxes checked to be counted on that Path, aren’t getting counted.

I thought there would be away to report and get it corrected. Apparently, there isn’t.

The screen shot you posted is not the correct answer. The text after Incorrect: is telling you how you need to answer this question. It is telling you which of the options is NOT a method of Scouting.

The methods are:
Outdoor Programs
Association with adults
Personal growth
Leadership development

3 of the 4 from the list above are in the options for the question. You need to select all 3.

Thanks. That was just one of the 8 versions I tried. I had included the 3 previously, didn’t remember that was the screenshot I saved.
I tried again, this AM after a full reboot and purge of the cache, and on the 2nd attempt, with all 3 of the correct answers checked, it finally gave me a pass. Whew. Ridiculous.
Ahhh… the things we do for our kids and Scouts. :grinning: