Quiz at end of "Aims and Methods of Scouts BSA" always fails me

Hello, I have been trying to finish my BSA training for Merit Badge Counselor on my.scouting.org, but I keep failing the very last test due to what seems to be a problem with the website. For the 2nd of 2 questions in this quiz, no matter what options I choose, I fail the quiz. This question is multiple choice, with 4 answers A-D, and a separate on/off checkbox for each one.

@RichardGoedeken Without giving the answer away, you need to select all of the correct answers.

Please see this reference:


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Thank you for that. I was thrown off by the error message. It says, “Incorrect - Religious Study is not one of the eight methods”, but I hadn’t selected Religious Study. I passed now :slight_smile:

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Usually, if a quiz question has a circle, only one can be chosen. If there are boxes in front of the choices, multiple boxes can be checked.

I’m so glad I found someone else had the same problem. It should tell you that you are incorrect without telling you that one you didn’t click is not the correct answer. I know it’s not a correct answer! That’s why I didn’t click it.