Information included in iCal subscriptions

There is significantly less information included in iCal events when they are created in IA vs SB. Please consider including the same information that SB pushed to iCal instead of forcing a login to get complete event info.

Created in IA:
Created IA

Created SB:

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I have reported this to the developers.



Your example is different events. The amount of data on each is different. Can you check the same event in SB and IA and make sure the I s link is returning the same data?

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This is the same event when viewed in IA. It has another line of information.

@AudreyReed Your original screenshots above aren’t even for events on the same day

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@jacobfetzer @Stephen_Hornak
Thank you for pointing that out. It was for the point that a lot more information was included in the other event. I did include the IA entry in a comment immediately above your comment showing that a line is missing.

@jacobfetzer In reading your comment again, I get the feeling that maybe you saw my additional information and were trying to make some other point? Was there a point to complaining about my original post when I offered clarification? I understand that the Scoutbook User Advisory Council are volunteers, and so we are. A tool has been rolled out and we’ve been asked to actively report bugs which is what I’m trying to do. So what is value in to try to point again after another SUAC member asked the same question in a previous comment?

They are trying to define the problem. It would be best to show the same event and show how one has more info than the other. It isn’t clear if Geocaching is truncated OR if it just had less info entered.

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My point is that it was clarified in subsequent comments. But I suspect he saw that and still needed to make another comment about it. It’s frustrating to be asked to troubleshoot a tool then deal with less than constructive comments. It makes me less than excited to try to help.

It’s not clear to me what you are saying is missing. That’s my point in mentioning that. As a fellow volunteer, the clearer you can make it, the easier it is for us to pass along to the developers.

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It was clarified in a comment immediately above your comment. There is a line missing. For further clarification, here is another event with information truncated.

So, it truncates everything after the first return in the notes?

That seems to be the pattern.

Ok, it’s been reported. Thank you.

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