Is there a way to automatically mark off Outdoor camping 25 and 100 miles of hiking requirements

Is there a way to automatically mark the National outdoor 25 days of camping and 100 mikes of hiking, etc. I’m running an activity summary report to see the total camping nights and hiking miles to idenfity who hit the requirement, but I can’t tell if it has already been marked of. I’m going into each scout’s record individually to see if its been marked and then marking it. This takes too much time and our troop is growing. Any shortcuts would be great.

You should be able to create a custom report using Report Builder.

  1. Select your Scouts.
  2. On the right side, select “Award Requirements” and “National Outdoor Achievement Award (Hiking)”
  3. Under Settings, select “Show Requirement Descriptions”, “Show Empty Requirements”, and “Auto Select New Scouts According to “All” Checkboxes”

After you figure out who you need to add, you should be able to use Quick Entry.

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The short answer is no. There isn’t an automated process. @JenniferOlinger outlined the fastest way to do it. Quick Entry is not supposed to “overwrite” an already existing award, so any duplication (e.g. where you “add” a scout for having completed a requirement after it’s already completed in the system) shouldn’t be a problem.

As a leader - I told scouts that wanted to pursue it - that was their job to track it


Years ago I made this simplified Report for Camping NOAA - just listing the MBs

@TwilaLytle - the short answer from me is Who’s advancement is it ? Yours or theirs ?


Thanks for all the ideas these help. I’m the records chair and moved the Troop to Scoutbook about 2 years ago. There was not an awareness of these awards so Scouts who earned it were never recognized. I would love to get more scouts/parents using Scoutbook. I’ve been talking to scouts and emailing parents with very little success. Even parents who support activities do not seem to use Scoutbook. Think I will suggest that the troop make it a requirement for first class and above. The schools just have parent fill out a form every year giving permission to use certain online software. Parents approving their scouts for Scoutbook is never an easy process and only a few diligent parents follow through. Often I can’t resolve their issues and I’m unsure of where to direct them.

I did not use Scoutbook or the software our Troop was using. One reason is that there is a BrianOnScouting article where the guy who created the National Outdoor Activity award states that ANY activity done while in Scouting counts. He states that activities done during Cub Scouts, Scouts, and Venturing are all included. Our Pack went camping three times a year and I had to go back and figure out what we had done.
I made a rather elaborate spreadsheet that has a tab for each component of the NOA award. I kept track of everything my son did.
There are a few medals still in the ScoutShop system, but they are not ordering any more. The patches and pins are still available.
Just to show that keeping track was useful. my son earned the medal a year or so ago. He has a good number of pins past what are needed. His Camping has one Silver and two Gold. No one in the Troop was particularly interested in keeping that up to date for him. I took that job. He’s a good kid and received the NOA and Eagle same night.
If you are interested in a copy of my spreadsheet we can figure out a way to get it to you.

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