January 6, 2021 Scoutbook Updates

Bug Fixes

  • Auto-Completion
    • An issue that prevented auto-completion to work properly has been fixed. Ranks, awards, etc. are supposed to auto-complete when all underlying requirements are complete (percent completion = 100%). They will not auto-approve, even if all underlying requirements are approved. This is to prevent an award from just appearing on the Needs Purchasing report.
  • Eagle Palms
    • An issue that prevented Eagle Palms earned with Eagle Rank from being recorded has been fixed. The Eagle Palm completion date must be the same as the Eagle Board of Review (Eagle Rank) date. Eagle Palms can not be entered into Scoutbook until the Eagle Rank has been approved by the BSA National Council.
  • Eagle Requirement 3 (Merit Badges)
    • An issue that caused Eagle Requirement 3 (Merit Badges) to be marked complete before all Eagle Required Merit Badges were completed has been fixed.
  • Payment Log
    • An issue that allowed parents to edit the Payment Log for their Scout has been fixed.
    • An issue that prevented Unit Treasurers from editing the Payment Log has been fixed. The workaround of giving Unit Treasurers the Unit Admin role is no longer required. Put an end date in the Unit Admin role to remove admin capabilities.
  • Scout Connections
    • An issue that prevented Unit Admins from being connected to Scouts that are not approved in the unit has been fixed. Unit Admins will be connected to all Scouts with an active membership in the unit.

New Features