June 10, 2024 Scoutbook Plus Updates

Bug Fixes

  • Advancement
    • An issue that allowed non Cub Scout advancement to be selected from a Cub Scout’s profile has been fixed.
  • Archery Adventure
    • An issue that caused Requirement #8 to be missing from the Archery Adventure has been fixed.
  • Calendar Sub-Units
    • An issue that caused the casing of sub-unit names on the calendar has been fixed.
      Note: there is still an issue with casing in the filter. This will be fixed in a future release.
  • Completion Dates (Old Cub Scout Program)
    • An issue that caused 8/31/24 to be selected when clicking on the calendar icon to complete an old version of a Cub Scout rank/adventure or its requirements has been fixed. The current date will now be selected.
  • Roster Den Grouping
    • Arrow of Light now sorts to the bottom of the list when the roster is grouped by den. Dens are now listed in rank order starting with Lion and ending with Arrow of Light.
  • Roster Typo
    • The spelling Elegible has been corrected to Eligible in the roster Renewal Status column.

New Features

  • Cub Scout Adventures
    • Links to the resource pages have been added to all Cub Scout adventures.
  • Cub Scout Summertime Fun Adventures
    • The Cub Scout Summertime Fun Adventures have had 3 sub-requirements added for requirement 1. This will allow units to record 3 separate dates for each activity.
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