July 3, 2024 Scoutbook Plus Updates

Bug Fixes

  • Adventure and Rank Requirements
    • An issue that caused adventure and rank requirements to be missing from the display has been fixed.
  • Bulk Entry
    • An issue that caused Bulk Entry to fail because a rank was not “started” has been fixed.
  • Edit Adventures
    • An issue that prevented Den Admins from editing adventures for Scouts in the den has been fixed.
  • Rank Auto-Complete/Auto-Approval
    • An issue that caused incorrect auto-completion and auto-approval of ranks based on adventure status has been fixed.
  • Rank Requirements #1 & #2
    • An issue that caused Rank Requirements #1 and #2 to show incorrect status has been fixed. Requirements #1 and #2 will now show proper status based on the dependent adventure status.
  • Rank Version
    • An issue that caused an error when switching rank versions has been fixed. NOTE: If you switch rank version let it fully load before you switch the rank back.
  • Scout’s Summary Page
    • An issue that caused the Scout’s summary page to reflect incorrect status after entering individual advancement has been fixed.

New Features

  • None
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