June 20, 2024 Scoutbook Plus Updates

Bug Fixes

  • Add Patrol
    • An issue that caused a Den Chief section to be included on the Add Patrol screen has been fixed. Den Chief will no longer appear on Add Patrol.
  • Calendar Grid & List Views
    • An issue that omitted the unit type (Boy, Girl, Family) from the unit number in the calendar Grid and List views has been fixed.
    • An issue that prevented the Event Name search from working in the calendar Grid and List views has been fixed.
  • Comments
    • An issue that prevented newly entered comments from being viewable without refreshing the page has been fixed.
  • Roster Group By Den
    • An issue that caused Unassigned to appear when the roster is grouped by Den and the Unassigned filter check box is cleared has been fixed.
  • Scoutbook Plus Roles
    • An issue that caused a Venturer who is also a registered leader in a Troop to appear twice in their parent’s Scoutbook Plus Roles dropdown has been fixed. The registered leader position will no longer generate a 2nd parent role.

New Features

  • Pack Roster
    • When grouping the pack roster by den, the format of the den label has been updated. It will now display Den - <Den Number/Name>
      For example: Tiger Den - 2 or Webelos Den - 3 Flaming Tacos