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Language stuck on Spanish. No way to change it

I’ve been using my.scouting.org for years. I logged in last month and it was all in spanish. Couldn’t find a way to change it so I had to do my YPT in spanish!! That was hard.

Fast forward and we are trying to recharter and my YPT isn’t showing up for the committee members. Still can’t change my language either.

Thanks for the help.

@ElySoto Are you using the MyScouting app? How are you logging in to my.scouting?

No i’m on the normal desktop website using Chrome.

@ElySoto The web version of my.scouting does not support languages other than English.

Could you try checking in

Chrome -> Settings

and then search based on language. Maybe it’s a setting that got changed in Chrome?

I checked. It is set to English in Chrome.

Also the main page once I log in is in English. The one you get when you click ‘Menu’

It is just when I go to ‘My Training’ specifically that everything is in Spanish.

Just noticed that when looking at the main page. There is a image to select to take it in english or spanish. If I select English, perhaps that will work. But I have to retake everything because nothing shows up as taken there.

But my ‘My Training’ area is in spanish

Nope. Took it in english, but it still doesn’t record it.

@ElySoto I have checked with the development team for my.scouting. The my.scouting website does not do anything with changing languages. They think the issue is with your Chrome browser settings.

Please try checking your language settings in Chrome:

Chrome language settings

Edited to add: I think you might have been caught up by the recent bug where YPT was not being recorded properly for some users. Please see this other thread for more information and possible remedy:

YPT Not recording completions

Are you saying that even having a language in that list can cause it to malfunction?
Because English is the selected language and is on the top of that list. If that is the case, that is still an issue with the website.

Yes, removing the alternate languages did make the Training section appear in English. But this still a problem because I need it as an alternate language. I need the spell check functionality for Spanish.

At least it is a workaround.