Last day units can renew charter?

When is the last day that units can access their charter for renewal online?

That is a Council Question @MichaelTurner5


@MichaelTurner5 - your council should have provided a timeline on recharter and it may well be in the council website.

Understood the council deadline is December 31st… however, when will the system stop allowing users access.

The council deadline is December 31. When will access to the online recharter actually be shut off for units that are late chartering?

As I Said that is up to council - ask them - the default is 60 days but not all councils are the same


@MichaelTurner5 - we had a hard submission deadline and after that the units are suspended for scout activities.

Each Council controls their own recharter period. This is why it is a question for your council.


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