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Mail Chimp Integration

We would like to see integration with other apps like Mail Chimp. It would be useful for sending out newsletters. What I would like to see happen is email addresses from Scoutbook automatically sync with MailChimp or other external sources so contact information stays up to date. Parents can update their own profiles with the best contact information.

Or Scoutbook starts providing an option for sending newsletters… but I think integration with third party apps would be easier.

@VictorC - would you happen to know what the enterprise version of mailchimp costs or is there an open source product that would be similar.

perhaps there is an API?

I think this may be the API information:

I’m not too savvy with these things. I just know what I want it to do in the end…

that seems to be post-send API - for collecting open data (etc) to your own Database

+1 for Mail Chimp Integration (as well as any other variety of 3rd party, open-source platforms, including Gmail and Google Calendar). Ya’ll have your hands full with Advancement updates. The messaging and calendar features of Scoutbook have always been substandard (sorry … <3 Scoutbook; I’m an ardent supporter … but still …).

There’s no reason to waste time reinventing the wheel when other full-fledged, enterprise-level platforms already exist and are readily available for integration.

You’re right, but it’s all about money… What can the BSA offer while still charging nothing for Scoutbook?

Are you kidding me?! What can I offer for 200 - 300 hours of my time 3 times per year? Plus monthly meetings? And monthly weekend outings? And week-long high adventure trips?

Disregarding APIing into free, open-source, enterprise-level platforms, saves money, what they (and we) can offer is basically the entire purpose of Scouts BSA.

Not to mention, Scoutbook used to charge a very reasonable fee. Which National opted to waive of their own accord, not due to some public outrage at the local level.

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Are you kidding me?

You’re asking them to add something to the development roadmap for their free product, even though that means they need to spend NRE to integrate the service into their systems, assure that MailChimp (or whatever service you choose) is compliant with BSA youth protection policies and the existing BSA IT infrastructure, and maintain it into the future.

You’re confusing your volunteer time with the working time for the Scoutbook devs, who are paid professionals. That’s apples and oranges.

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Hello everyone. This was merely a suggestion to be investigated. I am not familiar with how to make thinks like this happen. I have been very happy with the improvements that have been made since BSA has acquired Scoutbook.

Many units are complimenting Scoutbook with other services. We can continue to do so, but if there was a way to make things simpler, as Scoutbook has already made life as a leader simpler, it would be welcomed. If it is not possible due to technology limitations, time, or remaining compliant with YPT Digital Communications, that is okay to.

Please remember, a Scout is Courteous.

Put your newsletter in your unit forum here on Discourse and send the links out to your parents via Scoutbook.

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