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Merit Badge Completion Percentages Incorrect for Prior Edition Badges

It appears that Scoutbook uses the requirements of the LATEST version of a particular Merit Badge when calculating and showing the completion percentage for the badge. Thus a Scout who completes all requirements for a particular Merit Badge under a prior version will never be shown to have 100% completion requiring the Counselor to manually check each requirement instead of looking for 100%. Examples: Scout beings Emergency Preparedness Badge under 2016 version and completes all requirements – he will still be shown as only 73% complete. The same thing occurs with the Rifle SHooting Merit Badge. Fix needed: Have Scoutbook calculate completion percentages based on the version the Scout actually started and is using.

@RobertAcker - scoutbook does have the ability to use prior versions but that must be selected when adding the merit badge.

I just tried this with both Emergency Preparedness v2016 and Camping v2016 (i.e. started as that version under Scoutbook), and it shows up as 100% complete for the scout in both cases, even without me ticking the “Percent Completed” box at the top. I entered the individual requirements using Quick Entry for one of my “test scouts”. I haven’t tried manually entering each individual requirement.

Hi Stephen - yes, in both cases the Scouts selected the correct, earlier version in Scoutbook. The requirements that come up are, in fact, correct for that earlier version. But the percentage of completion does not match, even when all requirements are met and I suspect the percentage calculation features uses only the current requirements. In both cases Scouts on the earlier version badges were shown to be 70 something percent completed when, in fact, they had met all requirements of the earlier edition.

@RobertAcker Is it possible the requirements were marked complete via the app? What happens if you go into one of the completed requirements and resave it?

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