Past Rank percent showing incomplete

Scoutbook is reporting past rank percentage complete as the rank being incomplete. This is for previous rank that was completed last May. As far as I can see all requirements are checked off still and this rank was awarded.

Current rank progress percent seems to be correct.

Scoutbook will not show a Percent Complete if a completion date has been entered. There have been issues in Scoutbook that caused the percent complete calculation to be wrong. As far as we can tell, these issues have been fixed, but previously incorrect calculations may not have been updated. You can fix the percent complete by clicking on any requirement and clicking save without making any changes.

You can mark any award complete without the requirements being marked complete by clicking on the percent complete and entering the completion date.

What rank are you referring to? What den are they in? The rank percent complete that is displayed on the den page is based on the den.

Specifically I have two scouts
One is currently working towards Webelos (earned Bear last year)
The other is currently working towards Wolf
(Earned Tiger last year)
They previously showed 100%.


Can you post a screen shot of what you are seeing without the names showing?

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