Merit Badge Counselor list CSV file

Has any consideration been given to having the ability to download into CSV the list of counselors that populate when having done a search? That would be a useful tool.

It was considered and decided against. That would make it too easy for the list to be distributed to those who aren’t supposed to have it.

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When the MBC list was first made available in Scoutbook, there were many councils that said they would not permit their MBCs to be listed if there was a way for units to export the list or results of a search.

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Is it something that could be made available to council admin?

Council admins can already download a csv containing all MBCs in their council.


Understand that, but I’m interested in a single badge. Want to know counselors in the council for climbing. I can select climbing, use a zip central to the council, we’re not rural, use the 50 mile radius and get 74 counselors. It would be useful to be able to export those 8 pages of counselors into an excel file. Could this be something made available to council admin?

This is not available and I doubt development time would be devoted to it to produce such a file.

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If the Council Admin has the Feature Assistant extension installed, they can save the search results from the MBC search on the dashboard.