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MB counselor search tool change request

In the “find a MB counselor” tool, can you please add the following filters 1) district 2) troop? Sometimes I’d like to just see counselors in my whole district (instead of just a radius which can overlap another district) and sometimes just within a specific troop from that district. Also, after the search is made, can you please add a PDF & CSV report generator with the options found in the “roster builder designer”?

Merit Badge Counselors (MBCs) are registered with the Council, not the unit. Because of this, Scoutbook has no way of knowing which MBCs are affiliated with a unit unless they have another position with the unit. Doing such a query would be slow and incomplete.

The same can be said about districts. The district is not always recorded with the MBC so Scoutbook would not be able to do a reliable query.

As for a PDF or csv export of the data, many councils have indicated they do not want the data exportable in any way. This was the only way they would agree to allow the entire MBC list for the council to be uploaded to Scoutbook.


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