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More Service Hours Options

Realistic Change:

  • Introduce an option to mark a project as conservation hours and include a small picture (maybe a recycling symbol) next to the Location/Organization for the service. Conservation hours are required for some awards, including the National Outdoor Badge for Conservation, so it would be nice to have this implemented.

Other Changes:

  • Introduce an option to mark a project as hours done with the OA and include a small image next to Location/Organization (OA arrow tip).
  • Introduce an option to mark a project as an Eagle Project. It would be cool for Scout to look at their logs after several years and see how many Eagle Projects they’ve helped with. There could also be an option to distinguish between other people’s Eagle Project and your own in the system and have a differnet image associated.
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We will get more traction for the change and details of the change if they connect to an award/advancement. So, I can see marking it conservation or not as it is necessary for the "National Outdoor Conservation Segment " of the “National Outdoor Awards Program” as it must “Complete 25 hours of conservation work under the auspices and standards of the Boy Scouts of America…”

What is the reason (other than interesting data) to flag it as OA or eagle project? If it doesn’t connect to a particular award or must be excluded from counting, the complexity added would likely not be supported.

That’s why I put it as “Other Changes”. I don’t find it likely that this would be implemented into Scoutbook, but this might spark other ideas for possible changes to the site. It was mainly to put out ideas and for people to say, “That probably won’t be implemented, but maybe this could be.”

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