Multiple profiles -- please help

I have at least three SB profiles of mine to be merged, and two for my daughter. I should only have two BSA #s (from councils 424 and 690).

For myself:
Primary BSA # 137253552
USERID 12042490

Previous BSA# 133260787
UserID 2350481

Perhaps BSA# 137390886 – but I don’t see it now.
Perhaps UserID 11803840 – I can’t find this one now either
But I know a third profile exists because I see three connections from one of my children’s profiles.

For my daughter:
Current BSA # 137390885
UserID 12037023

Previous BSA # 13417687
UserID 10299778

@ChasePerry are you actively registered in 2 councils?

To the best of my knowledge, yes.

But I’ll come off the NC when they recharter in Dec.

@ChasePerry ok just to make sure what is council name you are active in?

@DonovanMcNeil I’m active in Garden State Council in NJ

@ChasePerry ok - it is cleaned up - your old positions are still there as I did not know if you needed them - you can just go and put an end date to end them


Thank you for the assistance. I still see an problems with my daughter’s profile, though.

  1. There are two of them
  2. Neither of them actually has any of the ranks, advancements, etc.

@ChasePerry forgot about her - it is solved

YES! It looks perfect.

Thank you so much

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