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Our scout for Troop 496 has two profiles. The one created by council and another one created in scoutbook. The scouts advancement is on the scoutbook created profile and is missing the BSA Member ID. This profile was ended and appears that the advancement could be missing. How can we merge these two profiles and retrieve a backup of his advancement? Our council hasn’t been able to help us with this issue.

@ShaunLannon you should always wait for council to process applications to get Scouts in, unless you match the information (FN, MM, LN, DOB) exactly. What are the 2 User IDs of the accounts (this can be found under Edit Profile) - and we can take a look.

The profile with advancement is 11632004 and the one created by council is 11632008. We were able to add his advancement account to the troop. We just need to merge the profiles. Thank You! We will make sure not to create accounts in scoutbook next time.

These should have matched up - not sure why they did not - but they are fixed @ShaunLannon

Thank You Donovan! I see the profiles have been merged.

Back in October you fixed and merged my boys duplicate accounts.

  1. BSA # 136610788 and 137299537) He is currently in troop 1518.
  2. BSA #136382575 and 137299542.also troop 1518.

For some reason now the troop sees two accounts for both and I see only one for each as the parent. The ones that I see are 137299537 and 137299542, however these show as inactive with the troop. Honestly it doesn’t matter to me which one is kept, but I want them to show as active and have all their advancements and merit badges. Hoping you can help again! Thanks!

Kirsten Dowdy

@KirstenDowdy they just had 2 memberships in the same patrol is all

Thank you very much!!!

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