New adults linked to current scouts

I was looking at our current roster in Scoutbook yesterday and noticed that some scouts that didn’t have parents attached to their accounts now have a single parent linked to them. All of them were added 5 days ago, and none of the troop admins or key 3 added the info. Did National run a script to add the info somehow? The only thing that I see in common for the parents is that they all have BSAIDs. Would there be any other reason that these connections would automatically be made without input from the unit? There is one that’s a bit concerning as it’s a divorce situation & the active parent was not the one that is now connected to the scout. Any insight on why this happened?

There’s a discussion of this here:

Essentially, there was an “automatic linking” process run.

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Thanks for the link! Still a bit concerned though - if it’s an automatic linking process, how old is the data in Akela that they’re using? At least one of the email addys looked wrong, but need to double check it.

I’m not sure exactly where the data came from. Presumably it was the data on the youth applications. I haven’t seen it happen with any of the scouts in our unit yet, so I don’t have reference data to which I can compare it.

The data is from whatever the council last updated for parent information in ScoutNET. Unless the family updated the data, it is from the Scout’s your application as this is the only parent data the BSA has.

Thanks for the info Ed! We had this happen with 5 of the Webelos that crossed over last spring. Their pack didn’t use Scoutbook, so we had to start fresh with their accounts. Since they were crossovers, they didn’t submit a new app when they got to the troop - we simply had the parents sign the sheet that Northern Star sent to the SM & turn that into the registrar. That would explain the stale email address - some of that data could have been from 4+ years ago if it was from their original Tiger or Wolf year application.

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