New Cub Scouts Cannot Begin Bobcat

I am unable to start our new Cub Scouts on their rank’s Bobcat adventure. When I try to enter competed items, I get an error message. One is an AOL and the other is a Bear. As CC, I have full control of both accounts. I am not using Quick Entry.

@AshleyWorth what is the error message you get?

HTTP GET on resource
'’failed: not found (404)

@AshleyWorth and the scouts are in dens?

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Yes, they are registered and in dens-- both in Scoutbook and Scoutbook Plus

Were those scouts added to their dens before or after the dens were advanced to their new den levels?

Could you provide the bsa member numbers (no names) of the scouts with the issues?

Might also try just making a new Den - and move the scouts to it

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They were added to the dens prior to advancing to the new level

I am having the same error

I have found that if I check the approve box, I get the error. If not checked no error.

@BethGriesel provide the Scout BSA # and it can be looked at

I have found that I have to start the new scout on the rank in order for the scout to be able to receive credit.

BSA Number 140929204
but the error has their scoutbook number in it

@BethGriesel OK - will report - BUT it looks like you have 2 different connections to the Scout can you check? You might be able to erase one and the issue could go away - if you cannot see 2 I have a different tool that can be used


Two Cub Scouts with the issue

@AshleyWorth you have 2 connections to the second scout, and 4 to the first scout - go to my connections and see if you see multiple ones

Where is “my connections”? I only see Connections Manager where I am full control of both Cub
Scouts as CC. The extra connections may be a result of repeated trying to get den leaders assigned to the AOL den & Bear den in Scoutbook Plus (so far we can only add leaders as den admin).

@AshleyWorth My Dashboard > My Account > My Connections - Click the red lined Box at top left of Scoutbook

There are multiple connections for many of the Cub Scouts in our pack, including those who transferred years ago to troops before I was the CC of the pack. I am not surprised. This has been a problem for years, and Clean Connections doesn’t work properly.