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My new position (Unit Commissioner) was added to My.Scouting, but it was not in Scoutbook. I added the position manually into Scoutbook, but I do not see the green checkmark in My Positions. How long does it take to get verified by the council? Am I doing this correctly?

Also, in My.Scouting, I do not see the Trained image next to my new position, but I see the Trained logo next to my other positions. Is it supposed to look like that?

Because Scoutbook is a unit tool, Unit Commissioners are not automatically added as they are not on unit rosters.

You need to ask a unit admin to approve the position by going to the roster in Scoutbook, clicking on your name then Unit Commissioner position, turning on the I approve check box and clicking Update.

OK, thank you for the help. I will check with the unit leader.

How do I get the Trained logo to appear next to the new position? I see it is connected to my other positions.

@AdamHuck seems like a council question as it looks like you have it all
Screen Shot 2023-06-01 at 10.49.30 AM

OK, thank you for your help.

And it could be something dumb like the double 774 is messing it up

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