Updating Scoutbook Mobile to reflect Accurate Positions

Just appointed as a Unit Commissioner. This is reflected in the My Scouting pages but not in the Scoutbook Mobile App. How is this changed or updated?

@AllanMartel - are you talking about the scouting mobile app (red Icon) or the myscouting app (blue icon) ?

Thanks for the quick reply.

@AllanMartel - ah ok… so scoutbook proper. And it is not there when you click on My Positions ? I do not recall if that position auto sync’s or not but I think a manual add could happen.

I don’t think so. I think a unit has to invite you to connect as a Unit Commissioner.

@Matt.Johnson - yeah that is what i recall…

It is not there in My Positions and the “ADD” function does not work beyond the Units I am affiliated with. In my Scouting.org it is listed in my positions. Hmmm??? I am currently not assigned to any units which could be the issue. I will wait and see.

Scoutbook is a tool for units to track advancements. UCs are not a unit position so it will not appear. A unit can add a person in SB as a UC on their own if they wish to.

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Thank you for the information!