New Scouts BSA History Report bugs

  1. When exporting to pdf, the rank headers on the 2nd and 3rd pages of the report overwrite the first row of entries on those pages.

  2. The position “Calendar Editor” is showing up in the leadership list. Not only is it showing up when it shouldn’t, it is also rendering multiple (4) times for a single leadership record.

  3. The leadership list is not distinguishing between patrol and troop positions.

  4. The completed merit badge section has not title/labels/headers indicating what it is.

  5. The “Scouts BSA History Report” header is inserted mid-page on some pages and is missing from others. It should be consistently at the top, after page breaks.

  1. There are two Scout requirements without numbers, so they are sorted in the wrong place to the top of the Rank requirements.

Hi @JoeMcKinley,

Thanks for the report. #1 is a known-issue with a 3rd-party product. Do you know if all the others are new to yesterday’s (3/25) release, or did they also occur before?


I have been extremely impressed lately with the responsiveness of the development team. All of these issues, except #1, which was called out as a 3rd-party library issue, have already been resolved.

Great job, dev team and SUAC!

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