Export Scout Records missing DOB field

I went to do my weekly export of scouts/adults/advancement for import into the troop website and it will not allow the import of the scout file as the DOB field is no longer in there. tried to export twice today and had the same results.

Is this change to the export file on purpose or a bug?

@MarkCandland - that was noted here:

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This change was announced in the February 24, 2021 Scoutbook Updates change log post.

Thanks. I guess I work with MyTroop now to see if they can fix the import option. Right now it just crashes it due to the field being missing.

I just noticed the same thing after spending hours creating custom reports that cannot be done in Scoutbook last month, so that future months would just parse the export files. I ran into problems with the report builder not showing the current scout troop rank, but rather the venturing rank, which is why I found the export option better for my use case to get troop specific reports.


Are you still having an issue with Report Builder showing Venturing ranks for dual registered Scouts when the Scout is selected via the troop list? This problem was previously fixed. Iā€™m wondering if it has returned or you have not tried Report Builder since the fix was released.

I just verified it is fixed, so I no longer see the venturing or cub scout ranks in the report. I will have to see if I can adjust the report to not have the scouts as columns, otherwise I just transpose the data in python pandas when I code the final reports to be included in the monthly minutes to the troop committee.

Thanks for pointing out that was fixed, as that will save me a lot of time for the reports this month.


A transpose option was added to Report Builder earlier this year.

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