November 9, 2023 Scoutbook Updates

Bug Fixes

  • Council Send Message (Council Admins Only)
    • An issue that prevented the Council’s Send Message feature from sending attachments has been fixed.
  • Membership
    • An issue that caused an incorrect unit expiration date to be saved when a position was added to a recently rechartered unit has been fixed.
  • Photo in Notes
    • An issue that prevented uploaded photos from displaying in advancement or requirement notes has been fixed.
      NOTE: Photos that were affected by this issue need to be uploaded to Scoutbook again.

      This is still an issue.
  • Text Messages
    • An issue that caused the e-mail unsubscribe message to be included in text messages from Scoutbook has been fixed. The unusbscribe message will no longer be sent as part of a text message.

New Features

  • Scout Manager Warning
    • A warning that the Scout Manager browser extension is not supported and may cause issues with rank advancement has been added to the unit page.