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May 12, 2021 Scoutbook Updates

Bug Fixes

  • Council Admins
    • An issue that caused the Add/Edit Council Admin page to go to the wrong location for when the user is a Council Admin in multiple councils has been fixed.
  • Cub Scout Rank Autocomplete
    • An issue that caused Cub Scout ranks to be autocompleted with the wrong date hs been fixed. Cub Scout ranks will now autocomplete with the date of the last completed requirement.
  • Leader Approval
    • An issue that allowed a Merit Badge Counselor that is a leader in the Scout’s unit but does not have an Edit Advancement connection to the Scout has been fixed. An MBC without an Edit Advancement or Full Control connection will only be able to modify Merit Badges for which they are connected to the Scout.
  • Next Rank
    • An issue that caused users to be returned to the dashboard when clicking Next Rank % on a Scout’s page has been fixed. The user will now be taken to the Scout’s next rank page.
  • Percent Complete
    • An issue that prevented percent complete from being updated on old versions of some awards has been fixed.

New Features

  • Send Message
    • The Send Message link has been added to youth My Account pages. Youth have always been able to send messages to their unit, however, the path to do so was not obvious. This addition makes it easier for youth to send messages.