October 26, 2023 New Calendar Updates - Part 2

Bug Fixes

  • Description Field
    • An issue that prevented hard returns from displaying in the description field has been fixed.
  • Parent Viewing Events
    • An issue that caused an M401 error when parents viewed events has been fixed.

New Features

  • Guests
    • Guests can now be invited to events and receive scheduled reminders.
  • Recurring Events
    • Add more options to recurring events including:
      • First, Second, Third, Fourth or Last (day of week) to the Monthly option
      • First, Second, Third, Fourth or Last (day of week) for (month of year) to the Yearly option.

Documentation Updates

  • The Internet Advancement Calendar help guide has been updated for recent changes.
  • A guide for subscribing to unit calendars has been added.

Note: Unit calendar subscriptions are including sub-units. This is a known issue that will be fixed in an upcoming release.