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Online Applications Access Extended 2020 Issues

BSA Online Applications Access Extended to Accommodate Rechartering

National 02/29/2020

To help ensure units have full access to BSA online systems while councils continue to process recharters, we are extending the grace period for units to continue accessing online systems for an additional 30 days. This includes Scoutbook, Internet Advancement, Application Manager, my.Scouting tools, and Den Leader Experience.

We believe this will benefit units and enhance the experience of many while councils continue to process renewals.

Note : This extension applies to the online and mobile applications but not to council access through ScoutNET. On May 31, 2020, Scoutbook and my.Scouting access will be reset to 60-days to remain consistent with our other platforms. Additionally, there may be some features that do not perform as usual during this extension. These issues will be reviewed and acted upon, as appropriate, during the next several months. For more information, please contact Member Care.

my Scouting Tools Issues

My primary position is district member at large. I have no unit level registration. My annual renewal was processed in February 2020.

myScouting app

I have lost access to the Organization Roster
For my district member at large position:

  • YPT - I was in the 60 day YPT expiring alert period. That was indicated correctly on home page, but also some times as “expired”. To resolve this issue I redid the YPT training yesterday and today YPT is shown as ACTIVE.
  • “View ID pass” is showing a default end date of 2020-12-30 instead of my actual term end date of the laast day of February in 2021. “organization” is blank.

my.Scouting tools (https://my.scouting.org)

  • I have lost access to district tools (Training Manager, Member Manager, etc/)

My fix-it plan

  • I appear to have lost the linkage of my position to my district which was OK after the council charter renewal on 1 March 2020. (my assignments in the Organization Security Manage was OK.)
  • I am assuming this is a database linkage bug, instead of a council registrar data entry error.
  • Member care (front line) said I had to have Key 3 access (which was not previously true). Any one heard if BSA IT has changed the access rules?

To do:

  • File technical report in JIRA.
  • Have council registrar (or national member care) check if I am still registered with my district. (May be difficult to do due to covid-19 restrictions in California).
  • Have a district key-3 check and reset Organization Security Manager assignments.

District tools not showing in my.Scouting Tools

National BSA member care tried rebuilding my my.scouting.org account today (2020-03-24)), but district tools are still not showing under Menu. Help desk thinks my accounts issues might be related in part to having an old SSO userid that is less than 8 characters long. (They are now suppose to be 8-20 characters.)
Issue has been escalated to level 2 for resolution.

When the registration is posted any functional roles assigned in My.scouting are removed. The council or District will need to reassign the functional roles in My.scouting.

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@DustinBoyer, I suspect the functional roles also need to also be reassigned if the my.Scouting Tools account is rebuilt which was one of the cures tried by BSA Member Care.

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What is puzzling about this case is that:
a. The district member at large position expire date was updated in February.
b. The council recharter was apparently done the first week of March.
c. I lost access to district tools in the my Scouting Tools menu late in March.

My YPT was current, but due to expire in April. I am wondering if the system deleted my access to tools early (in the YPT about to expire period).

The ‘problem’ here is lack of knowledge. Sorry that you got bad information, and jumped through a lot of unnecessary hoops. It is an intentional (but apparently not well enough known) feature that functional assignments are reset when the charter (units and councils)/re-registration (districts) are posted.

So now you know that as District Member at Large you don’t normally have access to Training and Member Managers (Just like Council Members at Large). For what it is worth the Commissioners have posted role to functional matrices in their on-line Commissioner Manual https://www.scouting.org/commissioners/manuals/ in the Technology section (which I am the author of). Look specifically at Apendix 2.