Our linked troops meet together, have a joint PLC, need to be able to email both girl & boy troops same info

Our linked troops meet together, have a joint PLC, need to be able to email both girl & boy troops same info. Last year we created a girl patrol in the boys troop (joint membership for girls in both troops) so that we coud be sure that all messages went to both, but the girl patrol could be deselected if a message was just meant for the boys.

Now Scoutbook is not allowing this joint membership. Is there any way to create a mail group in Scoutbook that has both the boy & Girl troops, especially so the youth leaders can send email to all?

The youth members will not be able to email each other as they are in different units. A unit Admin for BOTH units can create one event with both units listed. Messaging (which I do not use in Scoutbook) is isolated to units as well, other than reminders for events setup the way described above


Donovan’s correct about Scoutbook not allowing the youth to mail to others in the other unit; that’s be design, since your linked Troops are technically seperate per BSA policy – they each have their own charter and Scoutmaster troop committee (even if it’s exactly the same adults in the leadership positions). That won’t change unless the BSA revises its policy on co-ed Troops.

But, there’s a ray of hope for you… The Feature Assistant Extension, available for Chrome and Firefox, does allow you to keep the text of a message intact after sending, so you can send it to another unit. The only requirement is that the user be a member of each unit with permissions to send messages.

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When we were allowed to give the girls a 2nd membership in the boys troop, it was easy. As the Girl’s scoutmaster,as well as an adult member of the Boy troop, I can’t tell if a message has been sent to both - the adult leadership has the extension, but it is still awkward to remember to send to a second group - if we could select 2 groups at once to send (like we do in calendar) it would be better

Scouts BSA is not like Cub Scouting. For more about not having a single PLC for both the boy and girl troop see:


Hello, not sure if this chat board is still active. I have been googling for hours trying to find the written rules about girl and boy linked troops. I have several questions. But I will start with one. Do linked troops share the same PLC – have a common SPL and ASPL group?

For program questions, please reach out to your local council.


They are 2 separate troops, with 2 different SMs, 2 different SPLs, and 2 different ASPLs. Anything else isn’t the program. So, you can have each Scribe message their separate troops if there is a common message to share.


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