Parent use of scoutbook

With the online nature of all things during Covid, I have been told that the blue card system is all but obsolete for our Troop. My question is…
If parents, or Scouts, are not allowed to make entries into Scout book for merit badge requirements they have completed, how do they
a) keep track of their progress towards completing the badge (The % complete is really useful) and
b) then get these requirements approved especially with online classes where the majority is done with an online counsellor but odd requirements have to completed at Troop level?

Parents and scouts can, I believe, still mark MB requirements “Complete”, just not “Counselor Approved” or “Leader Approved”. Unless, of course, the parent is the counselor or unit leader/designee or both, in which case they have the relevant capabilities if correctly connected to the scout (e.g. as the MBC for that particular badge).

There are guides for parents and MBCs using Scoutbook, for example:

Any MBC can enter your scout’s MB work directly into Scoutbook as approved. If your scout works with an MBC who is not using SB, your troop should have a designated individual to enter it in scoutbook as approved.

thanks; it was more the pre- approval stage i was unsure about. When the scout has completed a small part of the badge like one or two requirements that they need to keep track of but are not ready to have the badge completed and approved through a SMC. there are several crossover requirements for all the water based merit badges for example like understanding the safety afloat plan, or the basic first aid requirements on those. if they are the same requirement and have been previously approved for another badge we are checking it as completed with it showing as completed by me therefore awaiting approval by the SM. We usually put a note in the post a note section explaining where and when this has been completed and who previously approved it. The work packet is still awaiting submission at that stage too so we assume nothing is approved until that is handed in?

Yes, individual requirements can be entered in SB by the MBC also… especially if that’s their form of the blue card.

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