Partial merit badges

Hi all -

We’re looking to record partial merit badges into Scoutbook for record keeping purposes. The vast majority of these partials are from summer camp and the camp counselors are not on Scoutbook to my knowledge.

Currently if we try to start the badge and mark some requirements complete, it indicates that I marked the badge as complete.

Is there an easy trackable way to mark these complete by indicating who the counselor was? I don’t want to sign off as marked complete on badges that I did not attest to the scout’s completion of the badge.

I know I can just not mark it as leader approved, but I was hoping the community would be able to provide an alternative. Thanks!

think you might just be pushing the wrong buttons - I can setup a screenshare - would be faster and easier than typing it all

It does not matter who marks the items complete. If you have a Blue Card that has an MBC’s initials, that is all you need to complete and approve the requirements.

I typically scan my son’s Blue Cards as a JPG and attach them to the Merit Badge.

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