Ranks showing Percentage of previous rank, not one working on

Since the changeover, my Scouts show 100% on their rank completeion because they have completed a rank.

These show 100% of either Webelos, or Bobcat, not x% of AoL (which they have been advanced to)


Is this only occurring with your AOL Scouts or all Scouts?

@JasonKracht - let me see if I understand this… they are not showing a percent for AOL as in now dial, or it shows the dial but shows zero (which would make sense if they just started that rank path)

As stated before AOL Scouts are not really going to work in the old AOL platform - move the the Scoutbook + platform (advancements.scouting.org)

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I know that entering the adventures is in the new system, but our Den leaders typically start looking at the Dashboard in Scoutbook.scouting.org, and see that the scouts in their den have x% to do to complete the requirements. The new system will need this view soon for Den Leaders to see their den(s).


Pack leaders need to start getting used to using only Scoutbook Plus and not accessing Scoutbook unless the feature (ex: send message) has not yet transitioned.

With the new program, %complete is just:
100*(#required_adventures_complete + min(#elective_adventures_complete, 2))/8

Report Builder can also be used to get a snapshot of the den’s progress.

There is a story in the backlog to add %complete to the roster view in Scoutbook Plus but we do not know when it will be scheduled for implementation.

Edit: Corrected denominator of %complete formula

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FYI…Drilled into an individual scout, the percentage is coming at With the new program, %complete is just:
100*(#required_adventures_complete + min(#elective_adventures_complete, 2))/8

In a related note, is the Scouting app for phones being phased out as well? I see the following for my child and want to know what parents are going to be seeing & asking about.

The Scouting app has not yet been updated for the new Cub Scout program. Resource limitations required BSA to focus on Scoutbook Plus first.

Looking closer, this appears to only be on the AoL scouts.

Jumping into the discussion here, the toggle between Webelos and Arrow of Light rank requirements is gone which is what drives the % complete Webelos vs. Arrow of Light. Will this be fixed now that the ranks are separate dens?