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Payment Log - "Category or Label"

Is there a way to edit or delete a payment log category/label? For example, our pack has a category/label called “Boys Life Magazine”. I would like to be able to change this to the magazine’s new title of “Scouts Life Magazine”. I am aware that I can just create a new category with that label, but I still want to remove the old category/label since it will be obsolete.

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I believe the label list is built from existing entries. If you change all of the current entries for your unit to Scouts Life Magazine, I believe Boys Life Magazine will go away.

I have not seen any official announcements that the name of the magazine is changing. is still active and does not mention Scouts Life Magazine.

In one document 2 years ago Scouts Life was mentioned - I doubt it will be used as that was the name of another organizations magazine in the past. I think Scouting Life is a more likely landing space - as BSA already owns But there is no reason to change anything until it is official

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Paper youth applications also say Scouts Life, but Given the delay, I’m not counting on that.

Some people like to have the old categories visible for historical records. Would be nice if you could flag a category as “archived” so it doesn’t show up as a current option, but still shows up in old reports.

I was really hoping for an easier way to edit the name of an existing category vs. going through hundreds of entries to re-categorize. This example is only one of a few that I would like to rename.

As for the magazine, I’m not sure either if and when the name of the magazine will officially change. I have seen it listed as both Scouts Life and Scouting Magazine on the applications and other flyers, but the magazine still comes to my house as Boys Life. I wouldn’t want to update the title in Scoutbook yet except I have already had one family strongly “correct” me on the name of the magazine as they were a parent of girls in the bsa program.

Scouting is the adult leaders’ “equivalent” to Boys’ Life. It’s been called Scouting for as long as I can recall.

I’d have to ask a friend of mine whose daughter is in a troop whether or not her magazine comes as anything other than Boys’ Life. My son still gets Boys’ Life, as you noted does yours.

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