Changes to payment log?

Are there any plans to change the Scoutbook Payment Log? Right now I feel it’s very clunky and lackluster. I’ve been looking at it and playing around with it for the past few months. I would like to start using to help track troop finances but right now it’s clunky and doesn’t “show” everything since I have to put stuff over on each individual scout.

It would be nice if Scoutbook had more of a “ledger” where you can enter in entries, and in those entries assign if it needs to be towards a Scout, or break it up (like if you do a deposit made up of multiple scouts due payments), etc?

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The payment log was significantly updated within the last year. At that time, there were proposals to make it a much more accounting friendly design but they were rejected. As far as I know there are no plans for a major overhaul.

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Gary, I have been using SB since it was a paid subscription. And I love the pymt log for individual scouts. I wanted to start using it for the pack but it says we have thousands of dollars in the unit account which isn’t correct. How do I fix it so I can begin to use it

There are a couple of reasons that that numbers can be off, and I am unsure where you are looking to see the unit account balance (reports or the Pack Payment Log page which has the balances for all member accounts at the bottom). I suggest reading
Payment Logs (SB) - Improvements - Scoutbook Knowledge Base , and What kind of financial recording does Scoutbook Provide? - Payment Logs (SB) - Scoutbook Knowledge Base and then - did anyone ever do the “initial balance” transaction?

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