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Payment Quick Entry Error

After using quick entry for an outing, I received an error the scoutbook could not record the entry.
I proceeded to refresh, and continue to enter - well this resulted in (10) $20 entries per scout time 24 scouts.
Now I have to go in and either add a credit for $200 (not correct) or individually delete each $20 entry (correct way).
There has got to be a better way!!!

Payment Log Quick Entry is a function of the Feature Assistant Extension for Chrome and Firefox. The developer recently found and fixed an issue. Unfortunately there is no way to bulk delete the mistaken entries.

I had this exact thing happen to me last week. I had to go back to each scout to correct. I have better ways to use my time.

I will never again TRUST it when it says there is an error. Now I know that I had better check things out for myself before proceeding again.

These issues without being able to “undo” things in Scoutbook is killing me this year.

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