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Feature Assistant Drops Spaces in Text of Notes for Quick Entry of Payment Logs (Bug?)

Performed a “Quick Entry” “Enter Payment Log” of several items in Scoutbook. When entries posted, all spaces were removed from text placed in the “Optional Notes.” Makes reading the entry a bit difficult.

If you can replicate this bug, please work your magic, fellers!

Scouter Rob

Update to help troubleshoot?

When I open the log entry in an individual Scouts log, I can edit, enter the spaces, and save the entry updated correctly.

Hope this helps,

Scouter Rob

Are you using Chrome or Firefox?

I confirmed the bug and am testing a fix. Thanks for letting me know.

Released V0.44.0.1 that resolves this issue.

Thanks, Gary!

Will wait for the update to push…not seeing it just yet.

Removed Chrome extension and pulled update from Chrome Web Store.

Fix works! Thanks, Gary!

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