Please merge account profiles

Ok, now i only see id ending 771 on both systems but now my kids are not linked to me…i have no youths under my account in scoutbook

@TinaWagner I will send you a direct message > look at top right Avatar to find it > it will be a green dot with a number 1 > it will be a private message channel with select members of the Scoutbook User Advisory Council (SUAC)

Can someone please help? When I log into Scoutbook, it shows my BSA Member #: 13938650 and SBID: 12370944, however I can not make any changes as a Den Leader. My pack said that my SBID should be: 12770941. Can I get these accounts merged? I need to have committee and den leader permissions.

@ShilohMarston that is fixed

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Jumping on this thread, too!!! Youth became a member of a linked Ship and Crew in Mid-America while primary in Quivira. My.scouting shows he’s primary in Quivira, while Scoutbook and Internet Advancement show his MidAmerica ID#. Currently, one of our Crews shows him on our roster TWICE - once with his Quivira ID# that has no advancment showing at all (he’s an AoL, Eagle, and Summit) and the other with his MidAmerica ID# that has ALL of his advancement. How do we fix this to show he’s not only primary in Quivira, but showing all of his advancement stuff as well???

Quivira - primary - 127107709
MidAmerica - secondary - 14465800

Side note - on my Scoutbook page, it shows my Quivira ID# (127107710), but the Council patch is MidAmerica (I’m the aforementioned youth’s parent). UGH!!!

@SarahBoothe - first off do not post names and secondly each council issue its own bsa id numbers

First - I removed my kid’s name.

Second - I’m aware each Council issues their own ID #. This is the 3rd Council he’s been in, so not our first rodeo. The problem we’re having is that Quivira keeps telling us to “merge” his numbers in my.scouting because everything keeps popping up with the MidAmerica number that Quivira doesn’t recognize. We are in the middle of recharter and the two numbers are clashing in the system. And with him being primary with Quivira in my.scouting, but only his MidAmerica number pops up in Scoutbook and Internet Advancement, as well as on our rosters for recharter, we are at our wits end. LOL His Crew and Ship in MidAmerica had no issues, but his Crews in Quivira are dealing with headaches.

@JenniferOlinger & @DonovanMcNeil - perhaps this needs a solid look. NOt sure there is an easy way save for merging all of the scout scoutboook id’s

@SarahBoothe Scoutbook does not support dual registrations that are active in 2 councils, as it is all based on MID and each Scoutbook User can only have one MID.

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@SarahBoothe What might work is if your son creates a second my.scouting username.

username A would have the Quivira BSA member number set as primary
username B would have the MidAmerica BSA member number set as primary

Each username would need a separate Scoutbook userID.

It looks like he is using Gmail, so he could also make use of Gmail aliases: - Would go with username A - Would go with username B

@DonovanMcNeil @JenniferOlinger Thank you for getting back to me!! So, youth is now on 1 Quivira Crews’ SB roster 3 times - 2 with the same Quivira # and 1 with the MidAmerica # and their IA roster twice (1 and 1). I have not done anything since asking the question earlier, so I’m not sure where the 2 Quiviras came from? Both are devoid of any advancement, leadership, etc. The same in IA - the Quivira # has no advancement, activity logs, etc, but the MAC # has everything. If we do the second my.scouting account, how do we transfer all of his “old” Scouting info into the new one? Does he have to do YPT twice every time it comes due so MAC sees that he has the training to be able to recharter him? Is there not a way for SB, IA, and recharter to reflect his primary Quivira # like my.scouting says so we can still see everything on one page while knowing he has a second # out there? Someone helped me out back in September to get my number in SB changed from the MAC back to the Quivira so I could access all the units I have unit admin/Key 3 for. Can we do that?? Sorry, with recharter and this, plus the day to day of the other 3 units, my brain hurts. LOL

@SarahBoothe Try making a second username for him at my.scouting, and let’s go from there.

Dear Team,
I am requesting three accounts to get merged as we relocated and our new pack submitted us for all new IDs.
Adult: Appears to be merged already into BSA 14861186 with all my old training intact. My old information (BSA 13671513 unknown SB) and my new information (SB: 11577759, BSA 14861186).
Child 1: Old information (SB: 11626411, BSA 137119985) needs to be merged into current pack (SB: 12971741, BSA 14861185).
Child 2: Old information (SB: 11626431, BSA 137120022) needs to be merged into current pack (SB: 12971742, BSA 14861187).
Both children had first and middle name changes that may have confused the database/ID managers.
Please ensure that the BSA IDs are linked to the adult ID.

I have been trying to get us transferred for five months now with no success through our pack.
My email is up to date on my profile if necessary.

Thank you.

@RichardDunning that is fixed

Thank you Donovan.

The kids accounts are perfectly merged and with Pack 228. Awesome!

However, my account now just shows me with the old Pack 149. I am linked to the kids accounts, just I am with the wrong pack. If I go to 'my.scouting mange member ID, I have both packs with 228 as the primary. Just not showing correctly in SB. emails, phone #'s, and addresses are all good.
Thanks for your help!!

@RichardDunning if you are talking about a leader position in new pack there is no registered leader position

I see what you are talking about now Donovan.
Thanks again for your help!


I relooked at the pages and now I see what you are saying and why I am still showing Pack 149. They still have me on the roster as a leader of the Webelos AOL Den. I was in the position from 2 June 2021 until 4 May 2022 when we departed Fort Leonard Wood. Currently, I am not an adult leader in any pack. Would you mind removing me from that position? I doubt that my current pack has the ability to do that.

@RichardDunning You should be able to end the position yourself. Go to:

My Dashboard → Administration → My Account → My Positions

Click on the name of the position / role and add a date ended.

Dear Jennifer,
I am selecting the position with nothing opening to edit the dates.
Perhaps I don’t have permissions?
I am on a PC.