Please merge account profiles

I need two Scoutbook accounts merged please.

The account that needs to remain at the end is UserID 8989115

The account to merge into it is 9803106.

Thank you!

@BernardCase this is done

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I also need two accounts merged.

The account that has the current information for the Mom is
BSA ID: 13328340 / User ID 10071463

The account that needs to be merged into that account is:
BSA ID: 13175963 / User ID 140458

I have more information on each account, if you need it, I just didn’t want to put it in a public forum. :slight_smile:

Thank you so much!!

@KristinReichert that second MID has both parents names and the UserID is not valid

@KristinReichert I found the UserID that you meant - user needs to use username and credentials to get into Scoutbook

I’m jumping on this thread because I need the same thing done. Can someone please merge my two accounts? Information on my two accounts is below:

BSA ID: 136562666 / User ID: 1888026 (active)
BSA ID: 137074366 / User ID: 11525397


@GarrettMulder solved

Excellent! Thank you! I knew the second had two names ( nasty divorce) hence why the parent wanted to have separate accounts. Thank you for your help!

Thank you, I appreciate it!

I have a parent who is trying to complete her Den Leader training. She has 2 different accounts and is unable to log in to her Den Leader account. Can you please merge these so it will be reported in the Training Manager in my.scouting?

Parent account is: BSA # - 13771400 and UserID - 101095960
Den Leader Account: BSA # - 137231284 and UserID - 11773786

Thanks in advance!

@HarleyArmstrong1 Her accounts have been merged. She might need to wait overnight for her training to sync up.

I also have two sets of accounts that need to be merged, please. (parents who moved from out of state into our Pack). They wish to use their old accounts’ log in credentials and email address, but the new BSA #s and User IDs and mailing address, if possible.

Old account: userID 9845778, BSA ID 13343618
New account: userID 11645977, BSA ID 13714332

Old account: user ID 1962716, BSA ID 13157897
New account: user ID 12251264

@JustinHendricks fixed - the father account did something a little odd - it kept the BSA # - so he needs to use his old email to log in -

Okay, but the mother cannot log in… using her old email address, gives her a blank account. I sent a connection request to the new email address, but the link takes her back to the blank account… She tried to create an account with the new email, but it’s saying her security questions don’t match.

The mother has GoggleID Login turned on - she needs to click the Google to login

that fixed it. Thanks!

Hi! I also have a member with 2 accounts needing merging.
Old: member 13020070 user 9800662
Current: member 137532905 user 12240153 (adult - registered ASM)

Thanks a lot!

@SixSpot that is fixed

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I am in a Troop and Pack here in Germany in the Transatlantic Council and have several parents with two or three accounts to be merged:
Adult #1
BSA ID: none
USER ID: 785288

BSA ID: none
USER ID: 11966356

BSA ID: 13918382
USER ID: 5413591
Adult #2
BSA ID: none
USER ID: 11456785

BSA ID: 13850868
USER ID: 11869967
Adult #3
BSA ID: 13779594 (current BSA ID)
USER ID: 11579613

BSA ID: 134508349 (from previous council)
USER ID: 11836568
Adult #4
BSA ID: 13444672 (current BSA ID)
USER ID: 679524

BSA ID: 134720664 (from previous council)
USER ID: 11831870
Adult #5
BSA ID: 137105412 (current BSA ID)
USER ID: 12278906

BSA ID: 134494288 (from previous council)
USER ID: 1721066
Adult #6
BSA ID: 13875736 (current BSA ID)
USER ID: 12280329

BSA ID: 133869122 (from previous council)
USER ID: 1325523
Thanks in advance for any help and have a great day!

@BruceHodges I will begin to look at these