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Removing a "started" merit badge

I cant remove a started MB that was clicked as started. I also cannot see what is in progress as for MB’s in the scouts profile on the computer, only on the app.

A user can remove a started merit badge by going to the merit badge page, clicking on Percent Completed, then Remove Merit Badge.

Please keep in mind that Scouts can work on merit badges prior to working with a merit badge counselor.

To remove a started merit badge - click the Percent complete square - like you were going to mark it done - in the pop up there is a REMOVE MERIT BADGE button

To remove a started Merit Badge, click on:
Then select Remove Merit Badge:

To see the list of Merit Badges the Scout is working on, click on the Scout’s advancement link. Merit Badges are below ranks.

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Are you speaking about the app or in a web browser? Browser shows nothing in progress. App shows 0% and nothing to click on. i have tried to click the % area with no results

I was referring to Scoutbook (web app) – not the Scouting app.

It sounds like there might be a bug with the Scouting app. Are you able to click on any requirements to get the merit badge to show up in Scoutbook?

Ahh the screen shots helped! thanks got it. Such fast help!