Report for scout/parent balance

I am new to scoutbook and I just entered in credit for each scout to there parrents log. Is there a report that can be run or a page on scoutbook that I can see all of parents on our page and there current balance in one spot. I am not sure if I don’t have the permissions for this but once I added the credits I can only see the page that shows the total cash and total liabilities for the entire pack and can’t see where I can see the balance for each parent.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

If you are able to add anything, you should have the permissions you need. Look in Reports - Payment Log Report.

Thanks. That got me what I was looking for.

The payments log gives additons and subtractions during the time period specified… but not the total balance due. (unless i am missing somtehing). Can you assist on how i can get a report of balance due for each scout and parent.

I have found what i am looking for… if you check “Financial Statement” before you run the report then you can get a “Balance Report” which shows all the memebers both parent and child and balance due.

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