Roster Builder: Positions

In the Roster Builder, when ‘Positions’ are selected to be included in the report, the reported positions are missing patrol information; therefore, in the report a Troop Scribe is shown identically to a Patrol Scribe.

I don’t think the Scouts BSA “officially” recognizes the position of Patrol Scribe or (Patrol Quartermaster for that matter). Scribe and Quartermaster are troop positions even if some scouts are filling those roles just for a particular patrol. So, I am not surprised that Scoutbook doesn’t recognize them either.

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The patrol postions are defined in the Patrol Leader’s Handbook, an official BSA publication.

Also, Scoutbook DOES recognize them. It handles them correctly everywhere, except in the roster report, where it fails to output the patrol qualifier.

I’d also like to see Cheermaster and Grubmaster added to the patrol positions in Scoutbook.

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The BSA used to have an older version of the Scout Handbook online that listed patrol-level positions. I found those positions using the Internet Wayback Machine:

Patrol Positions of Responsibility

As Joe said, the positions are still in the Patrol Leader Handbook. (Patrol Leader would be the only one that counts as a POR for Star / Life / Eagle.)

Thanks for the references. I stand corrected. I love the Kindle versions of the handbooks as I can search for scribe and pull it up.

We are discussing a way to make this distinction without taking up too much space in the report.

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